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Traffic control for special transports

We provide comprehensive traffic control for all sizes of special transport projects. We operate in Finland, in the other Nordic countries and in the Baltic states. Our customers include smaller and bigger companies in this market area. With a wide network of co-operators, we can handle cargoes of all sizes.

Our services include

  • Special transport and escort vehicle services
  • Route planning
  • Applications of permit (ELY centre in Finland)
  • Loading, unloading and assisting work (related to transports)

The standard equipment of our service van includes

  • Communication between vehicles
  • Cargo marking tools
  • Cargo lashing tools
  • Traffic sign cutting and joining tools
  • Electricity supply and compressed air facilities
  • Internet connection, printing facilities (waybills, permits, etc.)

We will be happy to advice you on any matters of transport.

Traffic control at roadwork site

General traffic poses serious risks to the safety of roadworkers. Also, roadworks may put road users in danger. Traffic controllers help ensure the fluency and security of traffic through the construction site and the security of workforce as well.

We provide traffic control for roadwork sites, public events, accident sites, etc.

Working as a traffic controller requires the completion of Roadwork Safety Card 1 training and an additional induction to the job.

We can also provide a fully-equipped escort vehicle and a mobile warning trailer.

Traffic control for special transports
Traffic control for special transports

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